terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

Full Easter period, great people, great food, great time @ Aveiro Rossio Hostel.

Check (in spanish) some words of our new friends - http://kaskerodeviaje.blogspot.com/2010/05/aveiro-rossio-hostel.html

ARH Staff

quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

Benny Beno

Goooooodddd morning...

So today we have a sunny day in Aveiro. It seems that is being prepared an amazing beach day...

Today I will preent you Ben, our first trully backpacker in Aveiro Rossio Hostel.

I saw Ben in the street on our first week opening and just gave him our flyer and explain where ARH was... I went doing my stuff and 10 minutes later I'll come back to the hostel and saw Ben comming at the beggining of the street...

Ben come for one night and stayed three. With 5 months backpacking around the world, some good days relaxing were what Ben was looking for... During those days we change some travelling experiences, we show him Aveiro and went with him to the beach, which, on his words, "the portuguese girls are very beautiful mate... uauhhh".

Well Ben, we hope to be on your way once again during your 1 year and a half TAW. See you soon mate.

Cheers mate

José and Raquel

sábado, 5 de setembro de 2009

Thailand's silver and silk on sales

Come tomorrow - Sunday - to the first on sales event @ Aveiro Rossio Hostel
Our friend Nuno Campos will bring some of his Thailand's silver and silk to the sales event.
See you tomorrow...
Aveiro Rossio Hostel Staff

Amanhã - Domingo - venham ao primeiro evento de saldos no Aveiro Rossio Hostel
O nosso amigo Nuno Campos vai trazer algumas pratas e sedas para o evento de saldos.

Até amanhã
Aveiro Rossio Hostel Satff

quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2009

Amazing moments with Anette and Jurgen

There are some guests that create a kind of brand with us, that leave their mark on Aveiro Rossio Hostel. Anette and Jurgen are those guests that when they arrive, we have the feeling that something will be happening in here...

And yes, that is true, amazing people with interesting points of view and experiences to share and, of course, a huge curiosity to know and explore Aveiro and our country, Portugal...

We will see you soon, I am shore of that. Thanks for your stay...

Cheers Annete and Jurgen
Aveiro Rossio Hostel

European Bodyboard Championship @ ARH

And yes, on the last days 31 of August and 1 of September, some girls (and boys) that have been on the European Bodyboard Championship at Costa Nova (the nearest beach from Aveiro) stayed with us.

The competitors from Australia, France, Venezuela and the Chile and Argentina guys spent some amazing nights with us, creating a good vibe atmosphere and enjoying a piri-piri chicken night with some other guests that were with us . Everyone loved it, with the Australian girls telling us that "our" (original portuguese one) piri-piri chicken is better that the Nando's one... Eheheh. Thank you!!!

Aveiro Rossio Hostel wants to thanks all the European organization to create good conditions to have some competitors with us. Cheers guys.
To the girls and guys that stayed with us, thank you all for the amazing time we spent with you and see you soon in here or Australia, South America, we'll see than...

Australia team with the Emillie, the French photographer

The south American guys and girl (from Venezuela, Argentina and Chile) preparing their stuff to go.

We'll see you soon, I'm shore of that!!!
Bye bye
Aveiro Rossio Hostel Staff

domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Two wheels guests

Yesterday we were coming from the beach and we passed through a couple on their bicycles just arriving on the West part of the Aveiro. I stoped my car and gave them a flayer of Aveiro Rossio Hostel, they just come following us till the Hostel to spend their night in...

The Austrian couple is finishing a two months cycling trip from Austria till Lisbon (Cabo da Roca - the western point of continental Europe - most specifically), they are preparing them self's to a one year trip around the world by bicycle... Wow... What amazing these human goals are!!!

Good luck till Lisbon and good luck for the one year trip...

Boa viagem
Aveiro Rossio Hostel

New guests, new friends...

Our first fresh fish night was there...

With the huge help of our parents, the fresh fish went to the oven at 7pm and the soup was already on the pan, almost ready for a starter... At 8.30pm Aveiro Rossio Hostel Staff with the Holland, Germany and Romenia guys, started an amazing meal with 5 stars rating to the cooker... Thank u mam....

The melon dessert were offered by the german guys and the white win by the Boss (on the left side of the picture...).

sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2009

Second piri-piri grilled chicken night

Last 12th of August we have done a piri-piri grilled chicken night which had been accompanied with an amazing Sangria and some Caipirinhas/Caiporaskas made by the special invited Shaker, Miguel Vasconcelos... The girls stayed rapt with the taste of those drinks... Or maybe with the smile of Miguel, I don't know very well...

We start at 9 pm and the night finished at 2 am, with the German guys doing a "way out at a french style" to the local disco Estação da Luz... The Spanish and Portuguese stayed all night long changing some funny jokes and the Sangria was running and running from glasses to the mouth...

The feedback was excellent. For the solvenian guys, the worst part was by night, with two spanish guests "singing" at two voices all night long... :) We offer them some ear plugs for the next "experience"... Sorry guys.

What our guests tell about us on Facebook

Was checking some new friends on Facebook, and there were some motivating comments to keep doing a good work... Check this photo and comment of Erika Mascaro, that have been with us for a night...


Hope to see you all soon Erika.